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Professional Epoxy Flooring Services For Your Business In Cincinnati & Surrounding Areas

Do you need a durable, easy-to-maintain flooring option for your commercial property? Look no further than our dependable commercial epoxy flooring services at Turner Painting Company. With years of experience and dedication to quality, we provide professional installation and excellent customer service for businesses of all sizes in Cincinnati, Mason, Loveland, Monroe, West Chester, Springboro, OH, and surrounding areas.

Our team of flooring experts can help you choose the best type of epoxy flooring that will meet your needs. We have various colors, styles, and textures to suit aesthetic or functional needs. Just let us know what you want!

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5-Star Epoxy Services

Superior Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services

Epoxy flooring is ideal for commercial and industrial spaces that need a strong, low-maintenance solution. In fact, our epoxy coatings are made by mixing resin and hardener to make a durable and smooth surface.

Our team of experts has the experience and tools to install epoxy flooring that meets our client’s specific needs in Cincinnati, OH, Mason, OH, Loveland, OH, and surrounding areas. Of course, we use only the best materials and equipment to provide a lasting, flawless epoxy installation service.

Reliable Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services

Our commercial epoxy flooring installation service is best for warehouses, restaurants, retail spaces, etc. Generally, this versatile flooring is known for its durability, chemical resistance, and easy maintenance.

With a high-gloss finish, it can also improve your space’s overall appeal and create a more professional environment. Also, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and create a customized epoxy installation plan to deliver the best results.

  • Garages
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Airports
  • Gymnasiums or sports facilities
  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Storage facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Locker rooms
  • Laundromats/multi-residential laundry rooms
  • Dorms
  • Showrooms
  • Medical facilities/clinics
  • Educational institutions
  • Public spaces such as community centers, city halls, government buildings, libraries, museums, etc.
  • Office buildings
  • Condominium and rental high-rise buildings
  • And more

Durable Industrial Epoxy Flooring

If you own or operate an industrial facility, the durability of your flooring must not be neglected. Due to high-traffic and daily wear and tear, your flooring is vulnerable to damage and must be maintained to avoid interruptions in your business operations.

We provide industrial epoxy flooring installation that can withstand even the harshest environments. Whether you need a new floor installed or want to update an old one, we have the experience and tools necessary to do the job properly.

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Unmatched commercial epoxy flooring services

What makes our epoxy services special?

We at Turner Painting Company have provided the best epoxy flooring services for businesses of all sizes and industries in Monroe, OH, and surrounding areas for many years. Our team of flooring experts will make sure that your epoxy flooring is installed efficiently and properly. We only use state-of-the-art equipment and methods to provide a smooth and strong finish.

Also, we offer various customization options for your epoxy flooring, including color, texture, and finish. This allows our clients to create flooring that matches their business’s aesthetic and branding.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Epoxy Installation

You can search for reviews online and ask for references from the company. You should also check if the company you plan to hire is licensed and insured.

The cost of epoxy flooring installation will depend on the size of your area, the condition of your existing floor, and the type of epoxy used. Of course, getting a detailed quote from the epoxy installation company before committing to the project is essential.

Yes, epoxy installation is worth it for a lot of reasons. Epoxy is a durable, long-lasting flooring option against heavy tr